Concert Masters of Improvisation
Hossein Alizadeh and Madjid Khaladj
Enschede, 18-3-2017 20:00
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Jan Pieter has founded the ensemble Lăhleye Holland which means Dutch Tulip. In the Persian poetry, the lonely tulip in the desert symbolizes the ones longing for the drop of water of truth. The tulip originates from Persia. Around the 16th century, it entered the Western culture through trade. Now the tulip has also become a symbol of the Dutch culture.

All members of the ensemble are inspired by the Persian culture. They play Persian instruments like setar, tar, ney, daf, tonbak, santur and kamancheh. The ensemble plays and sings Persian music from various composers, but it also composes their own music combined with western instruments, like piano, saxophone, base and drums.

Ensemble Lahleye Holland

Lăhleye Holland gives concerts on multi-cultural events, for example in the Center for World Music RASA in Utrecht, the Iranian Film Festival, and the World Music Festival at the Music Center in Enschede.

Jan Pieter initiated several music projects in which he works together with musicians from different cultures. A beautiful example is Paradox, in which he works together with Ali Safavian, Pasha Karami, and Pieter Jansen van der Sligte: they all have a deep undertanding of their own and each other's musical culture, resulting in a mix of traditional and new styles.

Ensemble Paradox

Duo Lăhleye Holland is specialized in Persian and Western music, combining these two music cultures into a new, freeform style. Both members, Jan Pieter van der Giessen and Pieter Jansen van der Sligte, play multiple instruments from both cultures.

Duo Lăbleye HollandDuo Lăbleye Holland